Umami Burger: What Is This And Where Can I Get One?

Are you sick of dull and boring tastes? How about paying $15 bucks for a burger at a restaurant and it not even making you drool. If you are ready to have your taste buds tingle there is something that you have to try. I am talking about the Umami burger.

umami burgerI myself didn’t know anything about this Umami burger because the chain is from Los Angeles but do I ever wish I was there now. These burgers are formulated with a secret sauce that no one can figure out. It combines sweet, sour, salty and bitter to make a “5th taste” The name Umami burgers is borrowed from the Japanese word which means savoriness.

If you are wishing you could get a taste of one of these burgers yourself you can. There are some new locations that have opened up that you may want to know about:

Umami La Brea: 850 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles

Umami Urban: 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles

Umami Los Feliz: 4655 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles

Umami Santa Monica: 500 Broadway Santa Monica

Umami Valli – COMING SOON! 12150 Venture Blvd Studio City

Umamicatessen – COMING SOON! 852 S Broadway, LA

You can make your way to any one of those locations to find a tasty Japanese tasting burger. Keep up to date on the new Umami burger locations that are coming soon.

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