Justin Tennison: Found Dead At 33

One of the crew members of the Deadliest Catch show died today. He was only 33 years old at the time of his death. On the show he faced conditions that were not anything like royal caribbean cruise lines. According to police reports Justin Tennison was found in his hotel room in Alaska on Tuesday.

justin tennisonJustin Tennison does not have a specified cause of death right now. Authorities did a search of his room and did find marijuana and alcohol. This young man served as an engineer as well as a deckhand on the boat. It was captained by Andy Hillstrand on the hit Discovery serious. Justin Tennison was a huge part of this show.

It is expected that an autopsy is going to be done later Wednesday. Just last February Deadliest Catch captain Phil Harris passed away. He was only 53 and had suffered a massive stroke the month before. Justin Tennison and Phil Harris will be greatly missed.

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