Lindsay Lohan: NOT Taking The Plea Bargain

Just as expected Deputy D.A. Dannette Meyers offered Lindsay’s lawyer a plea bargain. This was done in the Deputy D.A.’s chambers this Wednesday morning. They offered six months in jail. Lindsay Lohan was not interested.

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan was not expected to take the plea so it was all a formality really. She told one of her friends that she is not going to take a plea and that she is ready to go to trial. She was accused of stealing a necklace that was worth $2,500. Lindsay Lohan said she did not steal and is not going to spend any time in jail.

The end of the tunnel looks like it may be far away however. She is still on probation for her DUI arrest in 2007 and has had some problems with the probation a few times. This could hinder her innocent plea. Hopefully Lindsay Lohan will get it together – unlike her court outfits.

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