Melissa Molinaro: Kim Kardashian Look Alike And Old Navy Model

Just yesterday I was watching tv and saw the new Old Navy commercial. I really wasn’t sure if it was an ad for Barbie or a music video. At the end I finally figured out that it was for old Navy. The first time I saw it I thought that Melissa Molinaro was Kim Kardashian but then I noticed she looked too young.

Melissa Molinaro Kim KardashianMelissa Molinaro is a super good Kim Kardashian look alike. I am going to guess that Old Navy did not put this together on accident. They know how popular Kim is and capitalized on having a look alike. Melissa Molinaro is a beautiful young lady though for sure.

This girl is a Canadian born but US based pop star and model. You may have seen her when they were looking for “the next doll” for the Pussy Cat Dolls. What ever happened with that anyway? Well even though she didn’t make it Melissa Molinaro seems to be doing good for herself.

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