Lincoln Tunnel Accident: 52 Injured

There are going to be plenty of people looking for a car accident attorney after the accident this morning. It seems that two buses collided with a motorcycle in the tunnel. The rider was severely injured. The total number of people injured in the Lincoln Tunnel accident is 52.

The Lincoln tunnel accident early Thursday morning. This accident caused a huge hold up but most people were more worried about their cars and injuries than the traffic delay. Some of the injured people had injuries that were minor enough to treat on the scene. Some of the other people that were in the Lincoln tunnel accident, 13 to be exact, were taken to the Roosevelt Hospital in New York.

If you are used to going through this area you may not be happy about this closure. Port Authority officials were told by North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue Co-Director Jeff Welz that the center tube will remain closed for a “good part of the day” while the official investigate the accident. Many times in cases like this there many personal injury claims made so the police reports need to be precise. We hope for the quick recovery of all of those involved in the Lincoln Tunnel accident.

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