Space Shuttle Launch: Launch Time

The first reusable shuttle was launched April 12th,1981. Just because it has been so many years since the first time doesn’t mean the excitement has died down. Almost every little boys wants to be an astronaut at some time in their childhood. When is the space shuttle launch going to happen though?

The space shuttle launch is now said to happen no earlier than Feb. 25 at 5:09 a.m. EST. NASA and Orbital Sciences Corp engineers are troubleshooting an issue that came up on Wednesday when they were attempting to launch. When it comes to space travel you want to make sure that you have everything together. The space shuttle launch is one of the most awesome sights to see but can also be scary if you knew everything that has to go on behind the scenes.

The launch is going to go live through NASA TV and the live coverage is supposed to start at 3:30 AM Eastern time. This mission known as the Glory mission is supposed to collect date which will allow scientists to understand how the sun and other particles called aerosols affect Earth’s climate. An accurate measurements of these impacts is important to them so they can figure out what changes are going to be made on Earth’s climate. Will you be watching the space shuttle launch?

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