Nenand Krstic: Traded To Boston Celtics

There has been a lot of trading going on today. There are a few different ball players that have new homes. Two players from the Oklahoma Thunder are going to be going to the Boston Celtics. The Oklahoma Thunder players traded are Nenand Krstic and Jeff Green.

Nenand Krstic is a whopping 7 foot tall and weighs in at 260 pounds. He was taken out of the Russian Superleague two years ago and was a decent center. Even though he did a pretty good job most people loved to hate him. Maybe Nenand Krstic will be happier with the Boston Celtics.

The main reason that he started over Ibaka was because he was available as an offensive option when Durant and Westbrook were tied up. He did a good job since he didn’t make stupid mistakes. I am interested to see how Nenand Krstic does at his new home.

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