Parry Romberg Syndrome

Most people have never heard of this rare disorder. There have been many case studies done and the photos of the people suffering from this disorder are almost unbelievable. If you did not know better you may have thought that the computer were altered by a computer. Parry Romberg Syndrome is defined as a rare disorder which makes slow and progressive deterioration (atrophy) of the skin and the soft tissue on half of the face usually the left side.

parry romberg syndromeParry Romberg Syndrome would be a horrifying thing to go through at any age but many young children suffer from this disorder. It is also more common in females than it is in males. At first the changes are not huge and they may start with deterioration above the upper jaw or between the nose. Parry Romberg Syndrome affected one small person in particular that has been being watched closely.

Christine Honeycutt suffers from this disorder at only 11 years of age. This disease targets those between 5 and 15 years of age and sadly Christine was one of its victims. While there is no cure for this disorder there is a surgery that can be done to rebuild her face. Christine Honeycutt came out of the surgery nicely and it was a success so this is a big step in hope for the victims of this disease.

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