Charlie Sheen Rant

Ever heard the term “don’t bit the hand that feeds you?” Well I guess that our friend Charlie hasn’t heard it before because… he was biting the hand baby. Well mainly he went off on Chuck Lorre who is the creator/writer of “Two and a Half Men”. The Charlie Sheen rant was pretty close to having ethic slurs in it.

The Charlie Sheen rant is burning up the internet as people are wondering if he really could have been this stupid. Well the answer is yes. He even went so far as to call Chuck Lorre a charlatan. Could the Charlie Sheen rant possibly be because of drugs or alcohol?

What other excuse could Charlie have possibly of had to come out with such an insane burst of anger? Now he has went and gotten Two and a Half Men canceled. If that was your favorite so now you may not ever get to see how it all ends. Thanks to this Charlie Sheen rant we may not see him working any good jobs again – ever!

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