Lose Weight: Sisters Must Shed Pounds Before Kidney Transplant

It’s pretty bad when being over weight keeps you in prison. Two sisters were going to be able to get out for a kidney transplant exchange. This can not happen because they weight in too heavy. They must lose weight or they are not going to be able to have the surgery.

One of the sisters is only 5 ft tall and weighs in at 254 pounds and has to lose weight of 100 pounds. The other sister is 4’9″ and weighs 158. The heavier sister is the one that is going to get the kidney. The doctor is the one that says she must lose the weight.

The reason these sisters were in the slammer was because they robbed two men on a roadside. They were serving 16 years in prison together and now they are spending their time together dieting and doing exercises. Their sentences are going to be suspended and they have up to a year to complete the surgery. What a good motivator to lose weight.

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