Breast Implants On The Rise

The number of women that are undergoing breast augmentation is staggering. Women are more and more unhappy with their appearance each year. The latest celebrity always has or is getting breast implants. Yes, breast implants are on the rise.

With breast implants on the rise plastic surgeons are having a great time economically. It may be hard to believe but most of them have not experienced the recession. The reason being is because they usually cater to people who have money and have it saved. With breast implants on the rise many people have been talking about the issue of depression because of breast implants.

None of the people who have gotten this type of surgery done want to admit to the the link but it is obvious. Many times the cause is simply because they thought they would be happy after they were rid of their small breast but it did not happen. Even with the warning and natural breast augmentation methods available they continue to allow themselves to undergo surgery. Breast implants are on the rise and silicone implants are expected to be 98% of the implants that are done by the year 2016.

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