HCG Weight Loss: Bonus Or Bogus?

So many times people are so desperate to lose weight that they will not do proper research. Many times you will see ads on television talk about how you can get money if you were affected in an adverse way by a certain pill, procedure or supplement. There is yet another treatment that has been raising some eyebrows. HCG weight loss has been stirring quite a bit of controversy.

After DR. Oz took a closer look at the already controversial HCG weight loss method there is even more mess stirring. He said that it requires “further examination” but many doctors are shaking their heads. There are others that are all for the diet but it truly does not make sense to me. HCG weight loss requires that you eat less than 500 calories a day.

Not only do you only eat less than 500 calories a day however but you are to take daily shots of a hormone which is produced by pregnant women. This hormone is called human chorionic gonadotrophin or HCG. Some people claim to have lost up to 30 pounds in a single month. Others say that the HCG weight loss is bogus and not a bonus to add on to your health knowledge base.

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