Oprah removes sixth toe fact or fiction

Internet reports on Oprah Winfrey mention the surgical removal of her sixth toe. Fans are wanting to know if this is fact or fiction. The sixth toe was reportedly discovered by photographers when she attended the graduation ceremony of Howard University to accept an honorary doctorate of humanities. Fans and the media are also curious about whether the toe was removed (if it really was) for medical or cosmetic reasons.
Oprah Winfrey sixth toe
It has not yet been confirmed if the sixth toe was in fact removed. Some fans have said that Oprah would not have had it removed unless advised to do so for medical reasons. She even is reported to have branded it her “lucky charm.” Looking closely at the photo, it is not really clear if it is actually an additional toe or a very large bunion.

With so many bogus reports floating around the internet these days, fans are concerned to know which reports are true and which ones are fake. If it involves some sensational news about Justin Beiber, odds are it is untrue. It is a game twitters (twits) play by starting ridiculous gossip tweets and watching surfers go crazy googling to get more info. As of this writing, it is not known if the toe removal rumor is true or not.

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