Robin Roberts: Dress Do Or Don’t?

As you may know Roberts is going to be reporting on what the stars are wearing on the red carpet. Just because she is reporting doesn’t mean that she can’t look great too. Even though she can not judge herself I say that she gets an A+ in my book. Robin Roberts know how to dress!

robin robertsAs you can see Robin Roberts totally blows you out of the water with her gorgeous champagne dress with one shoulder out. She almost looks like a Hollywood actress instead of a Good Morning America anchor. Maybe she is on to something. Who is going to put Robin Roberts in a movie?

This was a great opportunity for Roberts as she teamed up with Tim Gunn and Maria Menounos to host the red carpet event. This is the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and they were held February 27,2011 at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the awards. Robin Roberts was one of the most beautiful ladies there however.

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