Seussville: Getting Ready For Dr. Suess’ Birthday!

One of the most beloved child authors would be 107 this Wednesday. March 2nd is a great day for many people who were fans of the great Dr. Suess. Green eggs and ham anyone? The biggest celebration is of course going to be in Suessville.

Suessville is a website dedicated to… you guessed it Dr. Suess! There is plenty of fun to be had at the site but it is taking a little time to load since there are so many people going to the site. No matter what you are looking for you can find out a lot of different fun and facts. There are even games that you can play on Suessville.

Why not take a little time to play with your kids on the site? They are sure to have fun and it’s free so why not!? There is plenty of rhyming, simplicity and fun just like Dr. Suess would have wanted it. I know he would have loved the Seuessville website.

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