Charlie Sheen Today Show

Has this guy went totally bonkers? Maybe there is something that many of your have not thought about. He may be totally brilliant. You have probably seen Charlie Sheen Today Show.

Charlie Sheen Today Show was even worse than his radio rant where we downed the creator and writer or Two and a Half Men. Always outdo yourself right? Well that must be Charlie’s motto. Charlie Sheen Today Show was a sight to be seen with him saying how he has “Adonis DNA” and “tiger’s blood”.

What if this was all just a clever plot by the hot lot of them trying to get people talking more about the show? I seriously would not put it past them, they know that people like controversy! I am pretty sure that Charlie is a much better business man than to do this kind of monkey business. The Charlie Sheen Today Show is one of the biggest searches online so they are doing the job right!

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