Howard Bryant: I Am Not Guilty!

I am not guilty! I am sure that you have heard that out of quite a few guilty people lately. Maybe this is the same kind of case. Maybe Howard Bryant is innocent though.

Howard Bryant was arrested on charges of domestic assault and resisting arrest. You may know him as an senior writer and frequent panelists on the Sports Reporters. He pleaded not guilty to domestic assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer as well as resisting arrest. Howard Bryant was released on $5,000 bail which he paid on Saturday.

The Massachusetts state police say that 42 year old Bryan was arrested in front of a pizza parlor Saturday in Buckland. Witnesses are saying that they saw a man choking and pinning a woman against a parked car. The police were called by a customer inside the Buckland Pizza House. There are five witness statements against Howard Bryant.

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