Christina Aguilera: Arrested For Public Intoxication

If you are not sure what it feel like to have your life go down in flames after an extremely successful career you can not understand how this pop singer is feeling. To add icing to the cake she was arrested March 1st after her boyfriend got pulled over. Her boyfriend was believed to be driving under the influence and then the policeman saw her and said she could barely take care of herself. Christina Aguilera has been having one rough year.

Christina Aguilera was taken to and book at the West Hollywood sheriff’s station. Her bail was only $250 and she was released. At press time her spokesman could not be reached. I am not surprised that they did not want to give all of the dirt on poor Christina Aguilera.

Besides for this little bout with the law she has also had some other pretty serious problems. Her album Bionic only sold 250,000 across the US which lead to the cancellation of her concert tour. The movie she was just in had some rather sad returns as well. Christina Aguilera even tripped at the Grammys.

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