Charlie Sheen Twitter

Who wouldn’t love to see an “unemployed winner”? Apparently there are over 300,000 people that are interested in seeing what this unemployed star is doing. The 40+ year old actor has drawn a lot of attention lately. Charlie Sheen twitter is blowing up.

Charlie Sheen twitter was used to allow his fans and friends to follow what he was doing. He also made sure to follow one of his many porn star girlfriends. You have probably seen this guy all over th talk shows the last couple of days. Now this Charlie Sheen twitter, he is loving the attention.

His former boss said that he wished that he would have been as excited to go on talk shows and try to get an Emmy. It seems that Sheen has plenty of time on his hands and he is living the big life – while it lasts. I wonder how long he is going to survive floating around with the sharks. The Charlie Sheen twitter stream should be interesting to watch.

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