IPad 2 Announcement

Are you shaking in your boots? If you aren’t then you probably are not one of the opposing gadgets floating around out there. The original Ipad that is out right now sold like hot cakes. After this Ipad 2 announcement it has many users impatiently waiting for this new technology.

The Ipad 2 announcement was made today March 2nd. This was after a long awaited wondering and questioning process. The security at the event is going to be wild. Can you imagine how many people would love to get in and swipe one of these babies while the IPad 2 announcement was going on.

Steve Jobs says that this gadget is not just tweaked but it is all new from the ground up. The first thing that you will notice is that the main CPU is a Samsung A5 dual core processor. This means that this baby is going to be two times faster than the original. Another big thing when it comes to the IPad 2 announcement is that that is a new graphic processor that is up to nine times faster than the previous IPad 1!

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