IPad 2 Release Date

All eyes have been looking and all ears have been listening for the sound of the release of a the new iPad. Everyone is extremely excited about this but when is it going to come out. Today was the announcement about when it was going to come out. The iPad 2 release date is March 11.

Are you excited about the iPad 2 release date? This is not just a tweaked gadget either. You are going to see that this is a whole new beast. I guess we are not going to be exactly sure what is going on until the iPad 2 release date.

The slim new sleek design is going to have many people trading in their original iPad. This is going to be huge for those that use these gadgets every day. With technology advancing so quickly the other gadget makers are going to have to rush to keep up. The iPad 2 release date is sure to be a sad day for the competition.

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