Pia Toscano: Blowing The Crowd And Judges Away

On Tuesday night the guys had their chance to shine on the American Idol stage. Wednesday night was the night for the top 12 ladies though. I wonder why this night gets better rating than the guys night? Maybe it partly had something to do with Pia Toscano.

pia toscanoPia Toscano blew the crowd and the judges away with her rendition of “I’ll Stand By You”. Not only did they love it but they even gave her a standing ovation! Wow, way to go girl! It looks like Pia Toscano might be the one to beat.

Don’t get too comfortable yet Pia fans because there is some other serious competition. One of the other girls, Ashthon Jones seems to be getting some pretty favorable nods as well. This standing ovation is the first of the season! Nice work Pia Toscano, many people are excited to see what happens next!

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