Kim Kardashian Song: Ouch

I really hate to get on the band wagon and say the same thing that everyone else is saying. I actually listened to the whole song so that I could say something positive. I may have found one positive thing to say but I’m not sure. This Kim Kardashian song is pretty sad.

No wonder she was so nervous about her Kim Kardashian song. I hope that she decides to just stay a … what is she again? Her voice was not even her own and yet she still sounded HORRIBLE. I heard the beat on the Kim Kardashian song and I thought that it may be ok but then she started singing.

Besides for her horrible singing the words were boring and something I had heard before about a million times. By the time I got done listening to Jam I had a headache. That’s pretty had because I have much more noise around me all day and didn’t get a headache. It took the Kim Kardashian song to get me.

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