Martha Kent: Diane Lane To Play Superman’s Mom

I am sure that it can be a little bit difficult to go from being a sexy lady in the movies to a Mom. For some reason I don’t think Diane cares that much though. I am sure they are offering her quite a pretty penny to play this part. Who wouldn’t want to play the part of Martha Kent anyway?

Martha Kent is one of the most loved Moms in the history of history. Her and her husband did after all rescue and raise Clark Kent (Superman). This woman is the woman who helped to shape and give us the Superman we all love and know. Martha Kent was a very important role to be cast.

Whether Diane Lane is tending to horses, taking part in unspeakable mischiefs or being a Mother she always plays the role properly. Most Love Dogs and Under The Tuscan sun were a couple of my favorite movies with her in it. I have a feeling that this new superman movie is going to be one of my favorite. Martha Kent is Diane Lane now,Diane Lane is now Martha Kent!

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