iPad 2 Release Date: Get It On Day 1

Are you drooling and ready to get your hands on this beautiful and improved gadget? Well you are going to have to wait just a little bit longer. Apple is not accepting any preorders. The iPad 2 release date is only a few days away though.

ipad 2You will be able to get your hands on this gadget on March 11th as this is the iPad 2 release date. This means that there is only a few days until you can rush to the store and wait in line with everyone else that can not stand to wait a few minutes. Some people are are going to skip the crowds and buy online however. What are you going to be doing to get ready for the iPad 2 release date?

One good thing is that you may have choices about where you want to stand in line. It is rumored that Walmart and Sam’s Club are also going to be selling this gadget. Best Buy is also one of the places that will be offering this all new iPad. The iPad 2 release date may be one of the biggest dates on any technology lovers calendar!

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