Ann’s Jewelry Collection: Unique Jewelry From The Heartland

Where does one birth such an idea as to start up their own handmade jewelry collection? Just one little word can spark an idea that can come into being and make such a beautiful design. One day the maker of this jewelry simply had someone say “why don’t you make it yourself” when she was looking for a certain piece. Ann Gray jumped on the idea and this was the start of Ann’s Jewelry Collection.

ann's jewelry collectionWhen I went to look through Ann’s Jewelry Collection I was not expecting to see the unique, delicate, vintage yet moderation jewelry that my eyes rested upon. The semi precious stones designed and intertwined in ways that I have only seen the high end expensive pieces of jewelry designers do. I had to learn more about her story and how this had come about. Ann’s Jewelry Collection is just waiting to be discovered by the jewelry fashion industry!

Ann was always creative through cosmetology and creating signature designs for people’s hair so going into jewelry was not a stretch for her. The perks of being in the business is that she can always be on the cutting edge and have the hottest pieces of jewelry at her finger tips! The pricing is so inexpensive that you can pick up a couple of gorgeous pieces for a fraction of what you would elsewhere. If you are interested in finding out more about Ann and her lovely collection you can go to Ann’s Jewelry Collection and like it on facebook.


  1. Daniel says:

    Ann’s jewelry is awesome! Beautiful, unique and best bargain around!

  2. Terry says:

    It is nice to wear something that is truly unique, where in the world can you get handmade quality like this.

  3. Avanell says:

    It’s so nice to know that a person deposited something of herself into the piece of jewelry that you are wearing, and it was not a product of modern technology. It is a unique fashion statement created by a lady with a heart of love for people and a desire to express her creativity.

  4. Karen says:

    I recently bought a necklace from Ann’s, and it immediately became one of my favorite pieces. Unique yet impeccably fashionable, this jewelry stands out from the crowd. And you simply cannot beat the prices!

  5. peggy says:

    I’ve purchased several of Ann’s unique creations. I love that I have something that is one of a kind, vintage yet modern, traditional with just the right touch of quirkiness. Ann backs up your purchase with a satisfaction guarantee. You can never go wrong when purchasing her merchandise. She is creative, has integrity and deals honestly in every transaction.

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