Kim Kardashian Song: Jam My Ears Please

Every time this gorgeous beauty started to say the line they playin my jam I just wanted to jam my ears. Wow it was so completely horrible that I really just wished that the radio would explode or the track would malfunction. I listened to the Ryan Seacrest clip and he so lied to her! The Kim Kardashian song was horrible!

I was trying to find something nice to say about the Kim Kardashian song but it’s really hard. I guess it has a nice beat. I have heard it over and over before it seems. The Kim Kardashian song isn’t much worse than some of the other junk that has come out as of late though.

Do you think pop stars are going to fade? Maybe it’s just all been done? Hopefully something new will pop on the scene and I will be able to say ohhh yea there is some real music now! Well whatever it is I know it’s not this Kim Kardashian song!

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