Shanterrica Madden: It Was Self Defense!

Tina Stewart, 21 of Memphis was fatally stabbed in her apartment. Her roommate has been charged with the murder but she denies it. She is not denying that she did not kill Stewart however. Shanterrica Madden , 18 and her attorney say that it was self defense.

Shanterrica MaddenShanterrica Madden was found alive Wednesday night when police arrived. She had stabbed Tina Stewart multiple times during an “altercation”. The attorney has not said what the altercation was about. Shanterrica Madden maintains that she was innocent in this situation.

Stewart was rushed to the hospital with multiple stab wounds but died at the hospital from the injuries. Madden was charged with first degree homicide and then booked into the Rutherford County Jail. She is being held without bond at this time. Shanterrica Madden was a freshman at MTSU.

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