iPad 2 Announcement: What You Need To Know

While this product is of course going to be one of the hottest on the market some of the top tech guys are calling out Steve Jobs. They say that Steve Jobs twisted the facts when he was trying to show how this Apple gadget is superior to others that are trying to rival. They said his statement about it being the first dual core tablet to ship in volume was not true because the Dell Streak 7 and the Xoom have been shipping since January and in volume as well. Maybe this part of the iPad 2 announcement was a little exaggerated.

The biggest part of the iPad 2 announcement was the release date of the iPad 2. Everyone now knows that this highly sought after gadget is coming out March 11th. You will be able to stand in line for hours and hours if you so choose. The iPad 2 announcement had some other good news however.

The good news is that you do not have to only get it at the Apple store. There are some other places that are going to be selling this hot gadget as well. Best Buy is surely on the list and Walmart and Sam’s Club is the rumor. We are excitedly waiting for the next iPad 2 announcement.

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