Wes Leonard: HS Athlete Dies Of Enlarged Heart

Sad news come out of Fennville Michigan today. A high school athlete struck down at his prime. Right after making the game winning lay-up the young man collapsed. According to the medical examiner Wes Leonard died of an enlarged heart.

Wes Leonard was a star athlete at Fennville High. Paramedics attempted to revive the 16 year old with CPR before he was pronounced dead at the hospital. He died at Holland Hospital. Wes Leonard and his story are sure to make people young and old pay more attention to their hearts.

There are a few signs that you should look for if you think that you may have an enlarged heart. These signs are shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, dizziness, abnormal heart beat, swelling and cough. If you have all of these symptoms you should make sure that you see a doctor. Wes Leonard may not have had any warning since at the time all of these symptoms most likely would not have been noticed due to the intensity of the game.

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