Defriend Day: Did You Get Deleted?

Oh the dreaded day has come. You have 2648 “friends” on your account and you are hoping that it doesn’t drop. Ok maybe you don’t care that much but some people do. Defriend day is a horrifying time for some people!

Defriend day is a great day to make sure that you do not have “junk” friends on your list. These are people that you have never spoken to but for some reason they are on your list. Maybe you haven’t done that but how about people that you spoke to once and then never again? Defriend day is the day to get rid of these people.

Why did you add people that are not your friends anyway? If you added them to network then just keep them on there, you might need them again. If you just added them to be nice they probably won’t notice that you defriend them now. Defriend day is a day to free up room on your facebook!

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