Sloppy Google: The Most Annoying Search Engine

If you are not sure what I am talking about then you are going to get a laugh. Someone came up with an idea to sort of defend Google. Everyone, including myself is always fussing and moaning about what Google does or doesn’t do. Sloppy Google is supposed to show you just how horrible things could be.

Sloppy Google is intended to show people how Google would run if it was run by humans. I did a few different searches in the search engine to see what would come up. I searched for Joe and it mistook my type and put Jeo and pulled up a bunch of junk. This surely is sloppy Google.

I know the last update they made which is called the Farmer update made me mad because it hit one of my favorite article sites. I ended up getting the boot as an author and that’s my sad sad story. Now that I see this though I suppose I can understand why Google is trying to clean up. I would much rather have them trying to make improvement than to be Sloppy Google.

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