Peggy Ference first woman to play U.S. Open Challenge

Peggy Ference was the first woman to play in the U.S. Open Challenge. It is a celebrity event that was actually held on June 9. It aired, however, just prior to the airing of the final day of play in the U.S. Open. The challenge was started 3 years ago.
US Open Challenge Peggy Ference
Ference, a 51 year old New Jersey golf amateur, won her event spot by entering an online essay contest. Out of 65,000 votes cast, Ference captured 37%. This landed her in the event to play alongside Mark Wahlberg (actor), Wayne Gretzky (hockey player), and Drew Brees (NFL Quarterback).

Peggy shot a 118 for a 4th place spot. Brees ended with a 102, Gretzky shot a 100, and Wahlberg ended with a 97. Not bad for an amateur, Peggy. Tiger Woods set the break 100 goal three years ago, and to date the only celebrities to break it are Mark Wahlberg and Matt Lauer.

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