Cool Hand Luke

Remembering the past is a favorite pastime of many. Pun intended. 8 o’clock March 5th one of the favorite movies from 1967 was playing on TCM. This was none other than Cool Hand Luke.

If you got to see Cool Hand Luke when it first came out then you probably got to get even more enjoyment out of it than the people that are getting to see it for the first time in this day and age. The classic 1967 movie is about a free spirited convict who would not conform to the life of a chain gang. This makes me think of a couple of other movies that were made later. Cool Hand Luke could have been an inspiration for those other movies don’t you think?

The movie is not anything at all what we want these days however. The end of the movie is very sad and who wants to see a movie that is going to end badly? Sure it may be a twist from what we see now but if I wanted to see sad I could look around at the every day life of most people. At least Cool Hand Luke died in a church trying to find God.

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