If you love hearing Nick-na-nick-na-nick-nick-nick-nickalodeon then you probably know what KCA stands for right? You got it! Kid’s Choice Awards 2011! KCA is one of the most popular voting events for KIDS ONLY anywhere! KCA allows kids to voice their opinions on what they think is best and through out the rest. There are tons of categories to vote in so you can take your time and make sure that your guy – or gal wins! The categories are: Favorite TV Show, reality show, cartoon, TV actor, TV actress, TV sidekick, movie, movie actor, movie actress, animated movie, voice from an animated movie, butt kicker, male athlete, female athlete, music group, male singer, female singer, song, book and video game. That is a lot of favorites for the KCA.

Did you notice there are two brothers and two brothers on favorite tv actors? How about that all of the girls on the favorite actresses list are brunettes. Coincidence or should you get a sibling and dye your hair brown? Whatever, just kidding on that one so have fun with the KCA!

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