iPad 2 Release

People are chomping at the bit ready to buy this next generation iPad. Steve Jobs really laid it on thick with the announcements telling everyone that this is not just a tweaked version of the iPad but in fact a whole new gadget. The thinner design is going to be one of the perks. The iPad 2 release is going to be done on March 11th.

There is just a short time until the iPad 2 release. There are many different people wondering where they are going to be able to get their new gadget. There are a few places which you will be able to get this product. The iPad 2 release is going to be at the Apple store of course but there are other places.

One of the other places that you will be more than welcome to stand in line at is going to be Best Buy. As you know they are always keeping up to date with the latest gadgets. It is also said that Walmart and Sam’s Club will be selling this product. Since there are multiple places selling it will be easy for you to get this product on the iPad 2 release date.

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