Wisconsin Protests

There is some serious stuff going on in Wisconsin. If you live there you may be experiencing a little disruption to your life. Union workers are up in arms about what Republications which were recently elected are doing. The Wisconsin protests do not look like they plan on taking a break or ending.

Wisconsin protestsThe Wisconsin protests continue on and on even though the harsh weather conditions. More people are banding together and outside of the Capital trying to get the governor to change his mind on what he is trying to do. If this goes through there is going to be some serious anger going on in the streets and it could change the way other states do things as well. Wisconsin protests are going to have counter protests by the tea party shortly so things are going to get even rougher soon.

The reason there is such a fuss going on is because of the plans by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the legislature to gut collective bargaining. This is the tool that public unions secure pay and benefits. They claim that they are fighting for their very existence. As far as I can see Wisconsin protests are going to continue.

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