Snoring: Men Are Affected More By Snoring Partners

Apparently in recent studies it has been shown that men are more affected by snoring partners. As a woman I beg to differ and believe that men just THINK they are affected more and do not wake up when we are affected by their snoring. Either way that is not what the “experts” are saying. Do you believe that men are more affected by snoring partners?

After looking more in depth about the finding I saw something that I actually believed. The information posted on The Indiana Times said that men are more likely to complain that their sleep has been disturbed by their partner more than a woman would. There was a study down on 14,000 couples and it was found that 30 percent of men had complained about the snoring while only 20 percent of woman. This snoring report was given by the Daily Mail.

All of these problems would stop if we could just quit snoring. Snoring happens when the soft tissue at the back of the throat rattles as someone breaths in and out. Sometimes a gentle snore is not a problem but other people are pretty intense. Personally unless you sound like you are sawing logs I am going to sleep whether you are snoring or not!

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