Gas Prices: Rising And No End In Sight

those of you that have a long commute to work have probably noticed something that is digging into your pocketbook a little bit more each and every day. yes you guessed it I’m talking about gas prices. Ever since the revolt in Libya prices have has been flying up and up and it looks like there’s no end in sight. The average gas price you will be paying is about $3.52 a gallon.

gas pricesWith gas prices are on the minds of more than just everyday people. Lawmakers are constantly being “harassed” by people that are asking them to do something about this problem. even though we have enough gas in our own country to last us for 100 years our government doesn’t think that it’s problem for us to pay out the roof. Of course their gas prices don’t matter too much because they get to pay for them with the taxpayers dollars.

Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary claims that is an option that is on the table. I am ready to get the option off the table and getting into the gas station. That would be the place to have it not on the table. If there’s one thing that we should protest about it with the gas prices.

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