Brazil’s Kaka Red Carded for Next Game

Controversy again mars the great play of athletes on the field. Brazil had little problem with the Ivory Coast to secure their way into the final 16 of the World Cup, but they do have some problem going into the next game against an opponent who could give them a game. Playing on another team’s home court, or in this case home continent, is always a cause for concern. The referee making the calls often sees what he thinks is there.

Sometimes, you can’t blame the man making the call. For instance, when the USA got caught for holding when they would have won their game, it looked like everyone was holding, and the one that was obvious must have been against the Americans. When the Sidney Poitier want to be pretended to be hurt when he was the person making contact, the man making the call looked late and thought something happened that didn’t. It’s a wrong call, but one made all the time in sports.

The red card won’t sink the Brazilian team, but the coach had to make a scene about the call because it was wrong. You can liken it to the NBA when a coach gets a technical because of a bad call on the court. Whether you like Brazil, Kaka, or their coach, this was a wrong call. To say the call was made because of Kaka’s or the coach’s attitude is a sad commentary on how the game or any part there of should be decided.

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