Traci Lynn Johnson: (Photo)

Who is Traci Lynn Johnston and why is she important? This woman is actually the the woman that Tiki Barber was having an affair with. His wife found out she was pregnant with his twins. Traci Lynn Johnson is only 24.

traci lynn johnsonThis would have to be every woman’s worst nightmare. After being married for 10 years and finding out that your husband was having an affair with a much younger, want interns that has got to be pretty hard it. Tiki’s wife Ginny had to face the reality when she found out that affair with long-term. T he had been seeing Tracy Lynn Johnson for quite some time.

Tiki and Tracy were together at NBC. Kiki even got her job there because before that she was apparently his babysitter any input in a good word for her the network. Now she is 24 but the two were more than friends when she was just 20. Traci Lynn Johnson is a homewrecker.

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