Marni Yang: Cold Blooded Killer?

If you knew this woman before this trial you may not have thought she would have been so desperate to commit such a crime. Now looking at her mug shot it is easy to believe that she would have murdered someone out of pure jealously but this still remains in the “allegedly” pile until proven guilty. Supposedly she was not planning on getting caught either and went to great lengths to make sure that it did not happen. Marni Yang left some strings untied however and got arrested.

Marni Yang supposedly used a drop cell phone and changed the plates on a rental vehicle to make sure that she would not get caught. She also supposedly made a homemade silencer from thing which were bought at Home Depot. Allegedly she killed Rhoni Reuter, the girlfriend of Shaun Gayle. Today Shaun Gayle admitted that he had sex with Marni Yang.

Shaune Gayle the former Chicago Bears player testified at the trial who was accused of killing his girlfriend which was pregnant at the time. This happened back in Oct of 2007 which killed the unborn child and its mother. Gayle said that they had sex at his home the night before his girlfriend was killed. It sounds like he and Marni Yang both had problems.


  1. You are WRONG says:

    Actually, to correct you, people who knew Marni Yang BEFORE all this happen are not surprised at all. She was always a basket case, always going around having multiple affairs and stalking the objects of her affection. She was always a basket case, just waiting to snap. The woman is truly crazy.

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