Mike Starr: Alice In Chains Bassist Dead

The sad but true news has now made its way all around the internet. Twitter is buzzing with condolances for the dead rocker. His family said it was a shock. Many other people saw this coming for Mike Starr.

Mike Starr was on the 2009 season of Celeb rehab. Most of the people that go on that show are in pretty serious condition. They go on there hoping to find help supposedly but many people wonder if they are just grasping for that last bit of spotlight. Mike Starr was caught in February in possession of a controlled substance so I am guessing that the Celeb Rehab show did not do him much good.

Police say that he was found in a Salt Lake City home today. This was said news and fans are mourning over this loss greatly. The story is still developing as we speak. We will have more on Mike Starr as soon as it becomes available.

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