Summer solstice 2010 longest day of the year June 21

Today June 21 is summer solstice 2010. It is the longest day of the year. It is now officially summer, even though it has felt like it was already summer in many locations. Parties are planned across the nation as Americans have yet another reason to celebrate.
summer solstice 2010
So what is a solstice anyway? Summer solstice 2010 happens twice a year when the Earth’s axis tilts more away from or toward the sun. In the latter part of the year, the winter solstice takes place. The tilt of the axis causes the Sun’s sky position to be at its northernmost or southernmost.

When the solstices occur, the Sun basically stands still. Its path either north or south comes to a halt before the sun then changes or reverses its direction. The solstices represent different things in different geographical locations. In the U.S., the solstices separate the seasons, summer solstice 2010 separating the spring from the summer, and the winter solstice separating the fall from the winter.

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