Buy An iPad 2: When Can I Buy The New iPad?

You may be trying to find out when you can get this new awesome gadget that many people are salivating over. You have got a couple more days to wait. The release date is on March the 11th. You can then buy an iPad 2.

If you want to buy an iPad 2 you are going to have to fork over a pretty penny just like you did for the first generation iPad. The price is supposed to start out about $495 which is not bad for a new piece of technology. In a year or so the price should go down considerably. If you want to buy an iPad 2 any time soon though you are going to have to come up with the cash.

There are a few different places you are going to be able to get this new gadget. The Apple store and of course is going to be one place. says that they are offering quick and free shipping. If you want to buy an iPad 2 you can also go to Best Buy and some people are even saying that Walmart and Sam’s Club will be selling them as well.

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