Charlie Sheen: Sues “Two And A Half Men” For $100 Million

Reports show that Charlie Sheen is supposed to make $100 million off of reruns of this popular show but that is not enough for this actor. Let’s just go ahead and double the whole thing! Why not throw in some cash for the crew too so I don’t look like a such monster. This is most likely what you could have heard Charlie Sheen say the last couple of days.

charlie sheenCharlie Sheen and his lawyer have put a case together in which they are suing Warner Brothers and Two And a Half Men for $100 million for himself as well as money for the cast and the crew.

Why would he be able to sue for $100 million? He is demanding to be paid for the shows that were made but not aired. I suppose this makes sense but Chuck Lorre is not interested in paying.

The suit goes on to say that there was a conspiracy between Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers to blame the show’s end on Charlie Sheen. Sheen claims that the decision to cancel had been made before any of this mess happened and it was because Chuck Lorre wanted to work on his other shows.

I do not think either side is going to give up without a fight.

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