Mauritius: A Magic Island?

In the current economic situation of the world one would have to think that a place that offers free education and free healthcare would be nonexistent. Well that is not true, there is a wonderful island like this. The name of that island is Mauritius.

The population of Mauritius is only 1.3 million but they seem to have a handle on how things should learn. There are many countries (including America) that could learn a lot from this little island. Mauritius is a tropical island nation which has spent the last decades building a diverse economy as well as a democratic political system.

Many people are wondering how this little island has managed to stay afloat in this economy. 87 percent of the people in Mauritius own this houses. This alone is amazing compared to the amount of people that own their own homes in America or other countries. There is much to be learned about this little island.

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