Hair Loss In Women: What Causes It And How To Get Your Hair Back

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. It can give her the “look” that she wants and even help to make her famous if she knows what she is doing. You know all of the stars always have gorgeous hair. Hair loss in women is something that many women have to deal without however.

hair loss in womenHair loss in women affects over 30 million women in America. These numbers are staggering but if you look around you will be able to see that it is very true.

There are different causes for hair loss in women. One of the reasons is an interrupted growth cycle. Studies show that our hair usually grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month. The hair has a growth phase of about two to six years. Once it is done with this phase however it has a “rest” period and then falls out. The follicle that it fell out of is then supposed to grow a new hair and it happens like this over and over.

Some women however have a reactions to the hormones in their bodies and the hair growth is blocked.

Other causes for hair loss in women are bad nutrition, lack of water and other causes that we may not yet know about.

The best thing that you can do to restore your hair to take in proper nutrition, drink plenty of water and speak with a professional that can help you and answer your questions. There are also over the counter remedies that may be helpful.

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