New Weight Loss Plan: Kristie Alley

Not yet another weight loss plan! Yes, none other than Kristie Alley is starting up her own plan to help you shed the pounds. She could not hard her delight at the launch of her new system last night. When launching a new weight loss plan wouldn’t you think that she would have tried it out first?

new weight loss programKristie did not look like she used her new weight loss plan at all but she says that she lost 60 pounds and plans on losing about 40 or so. She will be on dancing with the stars and believes that will help her reach the rest of her goal. I don’t know about you but I am not going to be jumping on the bandwagon until I see better results.

I wish her well with her Organic Liaison store in Los Feliz, Los Angeles but I still think that she should have gotten to a lower weight before the launch if she wanted to make a good impression for her new weight loss plan.

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