Fox News, CBS, MSNBC And Live Online Coverage President Obama

Reportedly at 11:15 am eastern time is when President Obama was supposed to have been giving a live report on what the US is going to do about the developing situation in Japan and the other places which were affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

president obamaNow the time is believed to be 12:30 eastern time. President Obama wants to make sure that they have the most up to date information when they speak with the press.

At this moment no one has any idea how many people are dead or injured in Japan and other areas. There are areas that are quite remote and difficult to reach so it is hard for the troops to get in and save people. The cold temperatures are making things even more difficult and the possibility of hypothermia is high.

Another concern is clean drinking water. President Obama will be speaking about these things as well as gas prices and other issues when he comes on live. You will be able to watch on fox news, cbs, msnbc and live online.


  1. Wilma Hart says:

    Is that a US flag pin that President Obama is finally wearing?

  2. Alice Musgrave says:

    With the earthquake in Japan this morning, the expected tsunami on our west coast, and a possible nuclear plant meltdown happening, our President ties up every channel on TV and discusses the budget!!!

  3. Karen Mattox says:

    I’m so tiresd of the disrepect FOX NEWS continuously exhibits towards Our President! How can this continue? OBAMA, as they call him, is THE F—-ING PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!! Fox news better RECOGINZE!!! Just as he was speaking of the Nonsense the Repubicans are tryin to “Sneak” hidden agendas into the financially strapped Government budget, and that it was not going to work, Our President was disrupted by the SEC Basketball Tournament!!!.

    Fox news is the Clan and they discuss me! If JUDGE MATHIS was not shown on this station, they would be blocked from my TV!!!

    I will not stop writing about this Disrepectful Behavior cause Now I’m MAD!!!!!

  4. Jane Bryant says:

    The idiots at fox are bruising their heads right now trying to figure out how to spin this disaster as President Obama’s fault. And, of course, there are the ignorant lemmings who will follow. When I say lemmings, I mean fox viewers who actually believe that the President is a socialist nazi muslim anti-christ who will single handedly suck our country into the abyss because he doesn’t have the birth certificate which has been published by every possible method. Oh… and he’s a zombie, too.

    President Obama is the reason why there are terrorists lurking in every neighborhood — they’re in yours! And he will give our whole entire country to them. Women will be wearing burkas. Even the fashion industry won’t be able stop the Iwok look. So be afraid. Be very afraid. And obey! Obey OReilly. Obey Beck. Believe that our country will be a muslim, nazi ,communist, socialist, zombie state.

    Yeah. But then again, dumb ideas come from dumb brains.

  5. Karen Mattox says:

    This is Karen Mattox from Sacramento, CA. I loath the traitor Obama and don’t want anyone to think that I wrote the comment above, also from a “Karen Mattox”, complaining evidently because people don’t bow down to the jerk simply because he is president. He has not earned our respect, rather our anger and disgust. Fox News show Obama more respect than he deserves.

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